This piece is amazing, it brought my living area to life and added the perfect color & feeling I desired to the room. Very happy & looking forward to my next purchase.

Lisa Ciuffo on 10-Dec-2016
0 reviews

This item is even more beautiful than the picture here on Etsy. It shipped on time and in great condition. I would recommend this seller to everyone!

The Lilac Stamper on 10-Dec-2016
0 reviews

We're from the Netherlands. We ordered 'Welcome'. It arrived yesterday (within 4 days!). It's beautiful, we love it! Thank you very much!

Hulshoff on 01-Sep-2016
0 reviews

Here are some pictures of the finished product in our space!

Tina Chislette on 25-Feb-2016
0 reviews

Your / our   artwork arrived this morning.  IT IS GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can't wait for our house to be finished being built, so we can hang it over our bed.  Thank you for all your help and creativity!!!!!



Charlyne Steele on 23-Jan-2016
0 reviews

Thank you so much for your beautiful art. It looks amazing in my dining room. I will be purchasing other pieces in the future.
Linda Spirelli

Linda Spirelli on 18-Aug-2015
0 reviews

Hi Lubo,

Thanks, everything looks great. Please see attached photos.

Thanks, Navin

Navin Murthy on 31-Jul-2015
0 reviews

Aloha Lubo:
We are so pleased with your artwork.  Please see attached photos of your piece in our Business Center.  I would like to prepare a name plate for this piece and ask if you have some information that I could include regarding the design, the material or something that would be of interest to our guests.  I would also like to include your signature at the end of the description.  Could you send me a copy of your signature?  Is that okay to ask?
Thank you again, we have already received many positive comments on your artwork.

Mari Tait on 30-Jul-2015
0 reviews

Hi lubo it looks great and we are very happy with it just put it up over the weekend 

Samir Patel on 23-Jul-2015
0 reviews

We received your art and hung it today.  It's beautiful!!!  We are so very happy.  Thank you!!!!
Cathy brown

Cathy Brown on 19-Jul-2015
0 reviews

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