Q: Is the artwork heavy? How do I hang it up?

A: It is made out of thin high quality aluminum plate, it is very light. For most of the standard size artworks you can use small finishing nails to hang them up inside. If you are hanging your artwork outside you can use screws. 

If you already ordered an artwork and require the instructions, please send us an email.


Q: Can I hang my artwork outside?

A: All of my art can be hung outside in all weather conditions, as aluminum does not rust. All art with paint can be hungout side, the colours will not fade due to the high quality UV protective clear coat I use. If the artwork is unpainted - silver and you would like to hang it outside, please let me know and I will add the Uv protective clear coat which helps keep the artwork clean and makes it easier to clean.


Q: How to clean my art?

A: For artworks with paint or clear coat you can use a damp clean cloth and genetley clean it. Unpainted - silver artworks can be cleaned with just a duster, but if there happens to be something on it then again just a damp clean cloth.


Q: Can you create a custom design, colors, etc.?

A: Yes, I can create almost any size, design and colors.


Q: Can you create a different size?

A: Some larger sizes are possible , as long as my supplier can supply me with the specific size material and I can physically reach around the surface to create the design. Contact me regarding any size.


Q: Does the artwork come with lights?

A: No, my artwork does not come with lights due to different light sockets, voltage, etc. You can find colored spot lights at most home décor stores or online.


Q: Why is my shipping location not listed?

A: I am limited to ship some larger artworks due to the shipping carriers options. Large single panel art cannot be sent over seas as a single panel, but can be cut into multiple panels and be able to be shipped then. Please contact me regarding any shipping questions, I am more than happy to answer.


Q: What carriers do you ship with?

A: Canada Post & FedEx.